Tracing The Growth Story Of India’s Leading Retail Chain

Tracing The Growth Story Of India’s Leading Retail Chain

A pioneer in the retail sector, this company is one of the largest sellers of a leading online e-commerce business. As a leading retail company, the brand is synonymous with trust and reliability on the platform, owing to its vast reach and product quality. Boasting of an unparalleled network and support system, this retail company is disrupting the market with its growth and helping redefine e-commerce.

Snapshot Of The Company

Product: Retail

Location: Pan India

On The KredX Platform Since: November 2018

Invoice Amount Discounted Till Date: ₹200 Crores

A Quick Glimpse Of Their Journey So Far With KredX

The company’s aim to reach out to all consumers came with its own set of challenges. Being an unprecedented retail chain means having a fleet of clientele on a daily basis. In such cases, the payment cycle can be spread over a few weeks. For any business to expand and grow, it requires them to deal with large suppliers whose payment timelines may vary, ultimately impacting their liquidity. 

Lack of working capital resulted in a gap in the company’s supply chain due to which it opted KredX marketplace discounting as a model wherein suppliers discount their invoices on the KredX invoice discounting platform through the use of invoice discounting. 

  • Suppliers discounted invoices raised to the company on the KredX Invoice discounting platform
  • KredX lists these discounted invoices on the dashboard
  • KredX’s Investors buy the invoices at a higher rate which is pre-decided as per the terms and conditions
  • Suppliers receive funds in 24-72 hours
  • At the end of the tenure, the company pays the amount back to KredX Investors


Over the course of one year as a KredX partner, the company was able to company grow its business with efficient supplier management without compromising on its profitability. Along with this, the business has seen exponential growth in the market. Our platform enabled the company to accelerate their payment cycles and subsequently increase their bottom line.

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