Tracing India’s Leading Family Office’s Journey With KredX

Tracing India’s Leading Family Office’s Journey With KredX

Established in the late 1980s, this family office with a group turnover of $100 Million invested in KredX’s fixed income instrument to earn remunerative returns in a short time span. 

Product: Retail 

On The KredX Platform Since: July 2018 

Impact On Business Through Network Effect: 35Cr

A Quick Glimpse Of Their Journey With KredX 

Being one of India’s leading family offices, the company has been instrumental in introducing several new products to the market.  

The Challenge

With underperforming stock markets, poor AMC performance, diminishing returns, and market volatility on a constant high, the current investment scenario paints a grim picture. The investment options available in the market either offer high returns at high risk or minimal returns at minimal risk with less-than-optimal tenures. 

The KredX Offering

KredX offered an alternative short-term investment product from a brand new asset class based on the concept of invoice discounting. The instrument provides a combination of high returns, low risk, and fast maturity with healthy portfolio diversification.

  • Suppliers raise invoices to enterprise payable in 30-90 days
  • Discounted invoices are listed on the KredX platform 
  • External investors like the family office purchase these invoices
  • Suppliers receive funds in 24-72 hours
  • Investors receive the invested capital and added profit when the enterprise makes the invoice payment at the end of the tenure

The Impact

Since joining the KredX platform as an investor, the family office has invested in our alternative short-term investment offering. Through their association as an investor on the platform, the family office was able to generate remunerative returns on their investment in a short time span.

The Result

The family office continues to invest in the KredX platform to make lucrative returns. The KredX offering enabled them to gain high returns at low risk, ultimately aiding in healthy portfolio diversification. 

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