KredX Invest App – A Game Changer For New-Gen Investors

KredX Invest App - A Game Changer For New-Gen Investors

Saving and investment lay the foundation for a secure future. However, managing a portfolio can be quite an intimidating process, especially when the portfolio grows too big to track. The need for investors to stay atop their portfolio to better tackle funds has paved the path for the prevalence of investment apps.

Today, investment apps are increasingly gaining traction among new-age investors, empowering them to build, manage, and track their investment portfolios, thus resulting in optimum fund management and better goal outcomes. Essentially, app-based investment has turned out to be a real game-changer for new-gen investors.

KredX Invest – Alternative Next-Gen Investment

Being India’s leading integrated cash flow solution provider, KredX has always thrived on providing the best service to its investors. Hence, to make the investment process simple and seamless, KredX has launched the KredX Invest: Alternative Next-Gen Investments app. The holistic app allows investors to invest in blue-chip invoices to make low-risk, high-returns in a short period.

The KredX Invest app enables investors to unlock the true potential of their portfolio through alternative investments and earn above-market returns within 30-90 days. Listed down below are some of the key features of the app

Seamless Investment

Being India’s leading integrated cash flow solution provider, KredX has turned into a brand reminiscent of fostering a ‘customer-first’ policy to enable a comprehensive ecosystem for investors to purchase deals and earn remunerative returns. The KredX Invest App is a testament to our customer-centric policy to promote a simple, hassle-free deal purchasing experience for our investor base. Through the app, investors can easily invest, track, and manage their portfolio, check the current and past deals, analyse deal-level metrics like KredX score on the platform, ultimately empowering investors to make a well-informed decision. 

Invest In A Click Of  A Button

The KredX Invest app allows investors to securely log in to the app through a One Time Password (OTP) verification method and load funds to their account through net banking. Once logged into the KredX Invest app, the dashboard provides a detailed view of the ongoing deals available for purchase. The app dashboard comes armed with a one-click option to check portfolio value and add or withdraw funds option quickly. Additionally, it also provides real-time notifications on new deals being listed on the platform. The KredX Invest app allows investors to get expected yield corresponding to deals even before initiating fund transfer and comes equipped with a live chat section to serve KredX investors. 


The KredX Invest App provides liquidity to businesses, big and small, operating on a wide array of industries, thus providing investors with a healthy portfolio diversification option through invoices of these businesses.  With enhanced adaptability that aligns with investor’s needs, the KredX Invest App is a one-stop-shop for new-age investors to plunge into the alternative investment pool and earn above-market returns at a short time span.