KredX Humanising Fintech

KredX – Adding A Human Touch To Fintech

With the emergence of technology and rise of the fintech era, KredX is paving way for the credit deficit MSME sector with its innovative product suite. 

India witnessed the advent of modern banking in the last decade of the 18th century. Navigating from colonial to post-independence era, and nationalisation to liberalisation, it is safe to say that the banking sector has been subjected to significant metamorphosis. Riding on the 21st Century technology bandwagon, modern banking got a whole new identity – Fintech – a relatively nascent form of banking that amalgamates finance and technology. This new form of banking paved the path for the introduction of groundbreaking financial reforms such as Unified Payments Interface (UPI) to the Goods and Service Tax (GST). The emergence and advancement of technology in the financial sector are reminiscing to the great strides and has taken to accelerate economic growth and financial inclusion in the nation.

The Rise Of Fintech

The rise of fintech is intently weaved with India’s quest to tap into the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector – a crucial component in the $5T economy dream. In a prospering economy like India, this high-powered sector brings in the spirit of entrepreneurship and creates employment opportunities, adding 14.9 million jobs per annum in the last year. The growth of the sector is closely intertwined with India’s mission to becoming an economic powerhouse. However, despite being touted as the growth engine of the nation, the MSME sector has been subjected to various challenges, with access to credit being the most prominent one. Cash crunch is not just limited to small businesses; it’s a global issue plaguing all the strata of businesses, thereby hampering growth. 

When Was KredX Founded?

Founded in 2015 by two financial trailblazers Manish Kumar and Anurag Jain, KredX addresses the very pain point of cash crunch by enabling businesses to utilise an asset lying idle in their balance sheet – accounts receivables. Accounts receivables once appropriately harnessed have the power to remedy cash crunch, thereby enabling growth impetus.  

What Was The Idea Behind KredX? 

KredX was conceptualised with a single vision to bridge the gaps in working capital cycles and avoid operational difficulties due to the delay in payments. The finds its roots to the age-old informal financial instrument ‘hundi’ – a bill-like instrument written in native languages. Hundi was used to pay and receive the value of goods exchanged in the course of trade. KredX digitised and formalised the concept of hundi and made it more formal, easy to use, accountable, and process-oriented for scalability.

The KredX Product Suite:

  • KredX – Invoice Discounting Platform
  • KredX – CapEx Discounting Solution
  • KredX Early payment technology platform

What Is KredX’s Invoice Discounting Platform & How Does KredX Help Businesses?

KredX’s flagship invoice discounting marketplace is a unique platform that enables businesses to get access to collateral-free working capital, by encashing their unpaid invoices at a discounted rate, while providing investors with a unique, short-term alternative investment opportunity. The KredX invoice discounting platform acts as a catalyst, connecting investors with businesses looking for working capital, thereby easing their supply chain and operational requirements through both Payables and Receivables discounting. 

How Does KredX Help Investors?

The KredX invoice discounting platform enables investors to venture into the world of alternative investments and maximise yield in a short span of time. Investors receive above-market returns ~12-20% IRR at reduced risk while ensuring a healthy portfolio diversification. 

What Is KredX Early?

KredX’s treasury management solution Early Payments Technology caters to large corporates who often face challenges while making early payments to their vendors. To tackle this interlude, KredX created a custom-made product that enables corporate treasurers to provide working capital to their vendors, thereby investing surplus treasury at discounted rates. 

KredX’s corporate treasury management product, KredX Early is an early payments solution. Based on the concept of dynamic discounting, KredX Early is a zero-risk treasury management solution that provides a risk-free alternative option to treasuries to deploy its surplus funds to its suppliers. Being a cloud-based platform, KredX Early utilises cutting-edge technology to maximise returns for corporates while helping their vendors secure early payment. 

What Is KredX – CapEx Discounting Solution?

The success of the KredX Invoice Discounting platform and KredX Early resulted in the inception of a hybrid, one-of-a-kind product – CapEx Discounting, a solution catering to solve capital expenditure challenges. The solution is formulated to provide an alternative to encash lease rental receipts, long-term asset rental contracts like machinery, furniture, interiors, and more at a discounted rate.

What Are The Key Differentiating Factors Of KredX?

From an invoice discounting company enabling businesses to solve working capital woes to being India’s leading cash flow solution provider with a fleet of products aimed at businesses and investors, KredX has today grown into a stalwart of innovation. The company’s product suite has transcended barriers, and the utilisation of innovative technology has made the entire experience of transacting and trading a seamless process. 

Being an online platform, KredX ensures an end-to-end paperless process. The company recently launched the ‘KredX Invest’ app (available in iOS & Android) that allows investors to buy and track deals seamlessly at the touch of a button. What sets KredX ahead is the use of cutting-edge technology with credit underwriting and data analytics capabilities to enable a seamless process. KredX harnesses a rigorous, multi-pronged evaluation process to vet and validate the legitimacy and intent of businesses. This further assists in protecting customers and builds a strong culture of perfectionism within the company. 

Driven by a team of ambitious and competent fintech czars, KredX’s unique product suite is what sets the company ahead in the fintech space. KredX’s innovative product line has been a critical factor in pushing the company to heights and win prestigious awards and recognition like The Smart CEO-Startup50 India 2016 Program, Sutra HR’s Top 100 Startups to Watch in 2017, SiliconIndia Startup Of the year 2018, SuperStartUps Asia 2019 – Silver, Skoch Awards 2019 – Silver, and Bizlabs Fintech 2019.   

Has KredX Made Any Mergers Or Acquisitions?

In an effort to strengthen its technology capabilities, KredX acquired invoicing platform for small and medium businesses Hummingbill. Hummingbill’s technology further helped KredX enhance its customer experience by optimising invoice delivery, tracking, follow-ups and reconciliation.

KredX’s business is spread out pan India with offices in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai,  Ahmedabad, Indore, Kolkata, with many more in the pipeline to cater to the growing demand. 

A Snapshot Of KredX In 2019

The KredX Muhurat Trading Festival 2019

KredX Muhurat Trading 2019


The KredX Muhurat Trading Session kickstarted in October 2017 and became a flagship event with a year-on-year increasing traction. The flagship trading event allows investors to get access to limited deals and earn remunerative returns, along with added benefits. The 3rd Edition of the KredX Muhurat Trading Session received an overwhelming response with over 1200 investors investing in 2500+ discounted invoices with the quickest deal sale under 22 seconds.



KredX Ideathon 2019

KredX Ideathon logo

As a company, KredX believes in having an entrepreneurial spirit within the team and always tries to infuse new improvements to its product line. In an effort to create an outstanding client experience, KredX organised Ideathon where KredX employees came up with out-of-the-box, innovative ideas to address issues and improve user experience on the platform.


KredX Annual Business Partner Summit 2019

Kredx Annual Business Partner Summit'19KredX organised its first business partner event ‘KredX Annual Business Partner Summit – 2019’ for business partners, companies, DSAs, and agencies looking to create a sustainable revenue generation stream. The summit received a great response with a turnout of over 100+ participants.



KredX’s Journey So Far



The Road Ahead For KredX

KredX, since inception, has acquired businesses and investors through word-of-mouth and continues to serve its customer base with its innovative product offerings. KredX raised its Series A funding of ~$7 million by Sequoia Capital and Prime Venture Partners in the year 2016. The funding, therefore, has been used to strengthen the company’s sales operations and increase its product line. KredX’s invoice discounting marketplace, early payments technology, and CapEx discounting has disrupted the multi-billion dollar alternative asset space in India. 

KredX’s groundbreaking product offerings have been instrumental in driving its series B funding round of $26 million by Tiger Global management. Backed by venture capital honchos like Tiger Global Management, Sequoia Capital, and Prime Venture Partners, KredX’s legacy resonates trust, innovation, and advancement. The company will be using its recent funding to expand its product line and target an increased industry penetration to create a niche in the supply chain finance ecosystem. 

As a company, KredX has cemented its footprint in the world of fintech and is excited to take forward its ecosystem to create a holistic cash flow across-industry by connecting businesses with investors. Being a fintech forerunner with an ever-increasing client base, KredX expects to double its operations in the upcoming days.

For the days ahead, KredX will continue to provide the much-needed breather for businesses by facilitating an inclusive environment of growth. Today, KredX has emerged as a Fintech forerunner, providing a comprehensive ecosystem that ensures seamless cash flow across industries through its extensive investor base. With several projects in its pipeline, the company aims to continue helping businesses and investors with its path-breaking technology. Moving ahead, the team will continue to focus on Pan-India penetration with an increased emphasis on second and third-tier cities.

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