KredX Feature Enhancements – FY 2019-20

KredX Feature Enhancements - FY 2019-20

At KredX, customers are of utmost priority. In an effort to provide enhanced service, we believe in taking every customer feedback to improve user experience. Here is a snapshot of feature updates released by the team at KredX.

Real-Time Notifications

At KredX, we focus on enabling a seamless, and effortless experience for our investors. In order to assist our investors to make a well-informed decision on deal purchase, we now send timely notifications 20 minutes prior to deal listing, instead of 2-4 mins as was the case earlier. 

In addition to this, we have also introduced the latest push notification feature of the KredX Invest App. This feature enables investors to receive real-time updates on deal listing per their preferences and provides detailed insight, ultimately aiding in making a well-informed decision.

Exposure Option

To enable investors to evaluate their investment portfolio better, we have introduced an add-on called “Exposure” in the dashboard. The latest enhancement provides investors with insightful information and data points about the ongoing deals. This helps investors make a well-informed decision.

The “Exposure” option will provide details on the various aspects of investor portfolio; for instance, the principal amount invested in a particular company. The comprehensive analysis will aid investors to decide on a company, thereby providing clarity in terms of the investment portfolio.

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