Importance Of Google Adwords in B2B Companies

Importance Of Google Adwords in B2B Companies

Every minute, there are nearly 3 million searches made on Google, and most of the pages that appear as search results include Google Ads. Google Adwords is an extremely efficient way of drawing relevant traffic to your website when customers explore different services or products related to your business. There’s no doubt that it is one of the major driving factors responsible for the dramatic transformation of the digital marketing world. In light of the same, we spoke to Shaik Noemon, Digital Marketing Manager, KredX, about the benefits of Google Adwords in B2B companies, and here’s what he had to say.

Over the years,  more and more businesses have made their way towards the web, following the transformation of selling, from traditional to digital methods. This has made the web highly cluttered with intense competition. Aside from businesses, even consumers increasingly believe that the web can form their purchasing decisions.

Taking the above thought into consideration, it becomes extremely important for companies to clear the clutter and reach the audience. Thus, Google AdWords is that one-stop solution that delivers specified results and helps businesses to succeed at drawing their audiences immediately.

Google AdWords represents 41% of the world’s $225 billion per annum in digital ad spend.

Paid search advertising, also referred to as Program Marketing, comes with an opportunity for businesses to urge a major position within the search results, even before the organic search results are out. This advertising strategy is considered an excellent marketing vehicle for several companies, but there are multiple benefits that make the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on paid search platforms, an excellent fit for many B2B (business-to-business) companies.

Benefits Of Google AdWords

Adwords Works Faster Than SEO

The primary advantage of Google AdWords is that it works faster than SEO. Both SEO and Google AdWords are program marketing strategies that help to get ample leads and traffic. But, a properly optimised AdWords campaign can work much faster for a business to urge the top-most position in the search results.

Here are a few reasons why Adwords is considered to be a faster and simpler option.

  • Multiple keywords can be focused at once.
  • Based on your requirement, you can turn the campaign on and off, whenever you want to.
  • Ads that appear on top of the page get immediate visibility.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you simply should ignore organic sources, as they need more long-term benefits. But with AdWords, there’s a better chance of instantly getting more leads and traffic. Additionally, the Adwords platform is more transparent, and you recognise what exactly is happening with the ads.

On the other hand, SEO, though very beneficial, maybe a long-term process. To rank for any keyword, it requires tons of perseverance and well-written articles, and also additional backlinks. And even then, it takes a short time for them to realise the required authority.

Increase Brand Awareness

No matter what the standard of your products and services are, regardless of what proportion you spend on advertising, and irrespective of what volume you post on social media, your business isn’t likely to appeal much if it doesn’t have a brand to stand out. Your brand carries your name, logo, offerings, and content into an experience for your audience and customers. It is said to be that aspect of the company that buyers come to trust and figure out who’s the better candidate for them.

The best way to build brand awareness is by using Google’s Display Network. The Display Network allows you to leverage huge amounts of reach and numerous clicks. It is one of the ideal,  as well as the most cost-effective methods to increase the visibility of your brand, as much as possible.

Reach More Customers Through Their Gmail Inbox

One of the most used marketing strategies in every business is email marketing, which is why Gmail ads are often helpful. Now Google has integrated native Gmail ads with Google AdWords and has made it available to all the advertisers.

Usually, a Gmail ad appears in the promotion tab, but sometimes you might come across one on a social tab. Additionally, Gmail ads run on both desktops and mobiles.

Reconnect With Visitors Of Your Website

One of the major benefits of Google AdWords is reconnecting with your website visitors. To elaborate, your website might have visitors. These are people that have visited all the pages on your website but haven’t taken any action. Is there any way where one can remind them of you, and what you would do for them? This is where Display Remarketing and RLSA campaigns come into the picture.

  • Remarketing On Display Network:

This helps advertisers target visitors on different advertising-supported websites, using image ads. Assume that you run a travel business and a visitor is trying to find Thailand packages. Except for some reason, he decides to go away without purchasing.

  • Remarketing On Search Network:

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) the name indicates, it runs remarketing campaigns on the search network, which is very similar to display remarketing. Additionally, the advertiser must add keywords during this campaign. Now, Google ads can match the user’s search query with the keyword and the remarketing list. This helps Google to point out relevant ads for every search query.

Test, Test, Test & Let The Best Win

Let’s say you’ve got an advanced feature of your product, which you think would attract customers, so you replace the existing one and update an equivalent thing on your landing page. Meanwhile, you further decide to check, with different automated bidding strategies to enhance conversions.

In Google AdWords, there is an option where you can experiment with one change per campaign, and test over a period of time to come up with the best result. Therefore, the data given within the experiment is statistically verified to get rid of the randomness.

Bottom Line

AdWords is a boon for several B2B businesses who want to discover new lead acquisition and scale quickly. Some B2B companies run an AdWords campaign strategically, while their organic marketing strategy is taking root. Simply stated, AdWords (Google Ads) are often an accelerator for search visibility.

Other companies inherit AdWords campaigns or run paid media arbitrarily, without a transparent and specialised key performance indicator. Many B2B companies can enjoy assessing their AdWords spend and its impacts, as long as they match their keyword strategy, especially the requirements of their ideal customer profiles–rather than general visibility for broad search trends.