Madhusmita Panda

#HumansOfKredX – Madhusmita Panda

“I find it amusing when people tell me that it’s money or time that holds them back from following their passion. If it’s really your passion, you’ll forego those extra 2 hours of sleep or cut back on your weekend drinking plans because the desire is embedded deep within you; the hunger for your passion. If you’re truly passionate about something, you’ll always find a way to make it a part of your life. Having said that, I would not judge anybody because everybody has their own story.” – Madhusmita Panda, VP – Marketing

Content marketer (by day) | Avid reader (by night) | Startup & fintech enthusiast (can spot a fake 'preneur from a mile away) | Engineer by education (like most) | Animal lover (not of the biped kinds) | Meme lover but a hoarder (and proud)