Green Initiatives: Heralding A New Beginning In Nature Conservation

Being a fintech pioneer, KredX has been actively promoting the “green movement” since its inception. The motto has primarily been to adopt and embrace green practices with entire business processes being digital.

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day falls at a time when the nature and health of the people have never been more critical. This is an excellent occasion for each one of us to reflect our strong relationship with the planet.

Adopting greener working practices that prioritise creating a more sustainable business which is kinder to our environment is inherent in today’s business landscape. Not only can crafting sustainable practices aid businesses save money on the likes of energy bills, usage of paper, but it also symbolises a more environmentally-responsible reputation.

Green ideas for making business environmentally sustainable means using energy and resources efficiently. This Earth Day, let’s look at some of the measures companies can follow for an eco-friendly working environment and a better tomorrow.

Green Practices

The implementation of green practices does not necessarily involve any guidelines as such. Instead, it comprises everything – from reducing energy consumption to wasting less paper or anything that can have a notable impact on the environment.

The decision to ‘go green’ must manifest both the short- and long-term results of the initiative. While doing so, you’ll explore more benefits that will go well beyond feeling good about doing your bit to the environment.

Promote Remote Working & Virtual Meetings

As a step ahead to become a sustainable business that equally contributes to the environment. By conducting virtual meetings, rather than travelling all the way to a client site, you can reduce carbon emissions and expenses as well. The same applies to remote working. This instils trust in your employees while also reducing company expenses and impact on the environment.

Organising Sustainable Partnerships

A smart way to make your business more environmentally sustainable is to partner with like-minded people and organisations in your ecosystem.

By partnering with groups working with government, local business, and environmental concerns, your company can simultaneously gain better insights into where community resources are being wasted, and have a better chance of interacting directly to the interests of your customers.

Being recognised as an eco-friendly company creates a healthy relationship with customers looking for environmentally conscious companies to do business.

Switch To Digital

Switching to digital files while reducing paper waste is a great way to start. Encourage using online cloud notetaker. Not only are digital files easier to share with, but they’re comfortable and fast to organise as well – that’s something every company can get behind! Google Docs, e-signing, digital documentation are few of the services worth considering.

Switch To Cloud Computing

Paperless means everything is saved on your organisations’ computers. If they are damaged or stolen, it could cost you a lot of money to reconstruct those lost records and might add up the cost.

Cloud computing is an eco-friendly and secure way to overcome the loss of essential data as it allows access to files and documents online in real-time. The process of switching to the cloud saves energy, cost and time for companies.

Green CSR Activities

Every company must take a stance in protecting the environment and take preventive measures regularly to make a difference in society and nature.

Today, Green CSR Activities are an integral part of all organisations as they help in conservation of natural resources and pollution control.

Major activities pertain to:

  • Assess new projects to determine their impact on the environment
  • Design a comprehensive environmental management plan
  • Obtain all clearances in matters of environmental
  • Ensure compliance with all environmental standards
  • Increasing awareness among the workforce for protecting the environment collectively
  • Increasing the green cover, including within the premises
  • Protecting the saplings to maintain the survival rate

Segregation, Reusable Mugs, And Plates

KredX has been adhering strictly with dedicated segregation of waste at source into organic, dry and sanitary for recycling before it is collected by the garbage trucks to the landfills following the government’s decision. 

Going green is part of the KredX’s ethos and hence the staff are provided with customised coffee/tea mugs and food plates that can be washed and reused.


The execution of green initiatives has its challenges and requires meticulous planning to get the desired results. Of course, the biggest savings in these areas will depend on the kind of company you operate, and it varies with every industry. With most organisations operating on digital platforms, the usage of paper has reduced, but that’s just a little progress towards an eco-friendly work culture, and a lot of areas have enough scope to be addressed.

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