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Reanalysing Cash Flows In Global Trade

Against a backdrop of increased globalisation and flourishing economy, a comprehensive plan to handle working capital becomes necessary. Read to know how a holistic approach to working capital management can lead to significantly better results over time. Global trade...
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Reasons Why NRIs Should Invest In India

India is among the few nations which have been projected as one of world’s upcoming economic powerhouse. As per a PwC report, India is expected to be the second-largest economy in the world by 2050. This implies that investing...
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Working Capital

How To Calculate Working Capital For Your Business

For any business, working capital is a crucial and difficult financial concept to understand. Working capital, by definition, is the difference between current assets and current liabilities. Working Capital = Current Assets – Current Liabilities Current assets are those...
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Investment apps

Top 6 Investment Apps For New-Age Investors

Mindful investment is the key to a safe and secure future. However, as your portfolio continues to expand and grow, keeping a tab on all the securities can be an intimidating and time-consuming task. That’s the reason app-based investment...
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